The Disconnect

I think a lot of people like to pretend that they and their horse are perfect every single ride, but lets face it; that’s not true. You can have a great rider and a great horse, and if one of them is just a bit off it can turn into a not-so-great ride. Over the weekend, Caesar and I were kind of struggling with what I refer to as the disconnect. 

I board at a very small barn with only one other boarder and the farm owners’ personal horses, and because I usually ride in the middle of the day I’m often riding by myself (which is fine with me most of the time). On Saturday, there was a lot more activity going on than usual and Caesar was certainly not “bad,” but I never felt I was able to 100% gain his focus. And of course, on Sunday he was really being very good, and it was I who felt like I couldn’t get it together and was kind of riding like a potato.

Sometimes when this happens, I tend to feel down and get frustrated, but then I put it into perspective – everyone has off days in everything, both humans and animals. Riding is an extremely difficult sport, and one in which you are constantly learning, every ride. Some days will be horrible and leave you wondering why you couldn’t have picked an easier sport/hobby, and some days will be so extremely wonderful that your fondest memories all took place on the back of a horse.

Today I rode Caesar with a dressage whip and did some flat work, he was fantastic and I felt a lot less like a potato than I did yesterday. These past few days were just a reminder to myself that some rides are bond to be not as great as others, and a mediocre ride doesn’t mean that you and your horse are retrogressing.

Caesar after our ride today (thank you SnapChat filters)



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