Flashback Friday #2 – That Time I Randomly Went to Iceland

Emphasis on “randomly.”

As I mentioned in Flashback Friday #1, my friend Olivia and her dad are very kind and generous enough to bring me with them on their overseas vacations. In the summer of 2014, the plan was to fly in to London to begin our England/Scotland vacation. Of course on the day we were supposed to go, Iceland Air decided to go on strike. This kind of weird stuff seems to happen to me on a somewhat regular basis…

Anyway, to not lose a day of our vacation we ended up leaving the US a day earlier with the intent of staying in Reykjavik for a day and then flying into London the following day. Totally random, right? Right. I will try to make this a short summary of that really random day.

When we arrived to Iceland it was somewhat cold and drizzling. As it would turn out, the area we stayed in for a day was actually really cute and we explored it a bit in the morning.

photo 1
disclaimer: 1st gen iPad pics ahead

That afternoon we drove out a bit to explore some of Iceland’s geysers and scenery, and even though the geysers smelled like rotten eggs they were pretty interesting. I think the most remarkable part about this day was that the scenery in Iceland was beautiful. Seriously, it would be a photographer’s dream. Not only was the landscape beautiful with all the water, but even driving along the long roads and seeing the mountains and wildflowers was truly beautiful. The sun even peeked out for a few minutes, too. I would absolutely love to go there (or anywhere, really) to see the Northern Lights.

photo 3

photo 2-2photo 1-2

That being said, one thing that should be noted was that it never got dark while we were in Iceland – at all. It was June when we went, and I never once fell asleep that night because even with the curtains closed, the fact that it was light out just made it feel like it was the middle of the day. (Honestly, that part sucked. I was really tired!) I got up several times through the night and there were always people walking around outside, with it looking like it was the middle of the afternoon even though it was 1, 3, 5 in the morning.

Iceland is honestly probably not a place I would specifically make a vacation destination, but it’s an easy layover to the UK apparently and I’ve also seen some really cheap flights roundtrip to Iceland from the US. That being said, if the opportunity came up to go back to Iceland for a few days, with the flight not being that long (six hours from the Easy Coast) I probably would enjoy going again!

(definitely not a 1st gen iPad pic)

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday #2 – That Time I Randomly Went to Iceland

  1. It is beautiful scenery. I don’t mean this to sound condescending and thank you for sharing your experience of travel. This is what feeling where evoked from hearing your travel experience.
    Youth is such a wonderful time for adventure and connection. Something I didn’t realize would not be around as much, as I aged. I just assumed the adventure’s and those deep friendships would always be a part of my life, as they were when I was young. And perhaps they will begin again, one day, but for now, I realize that duplicating what was there in my younger years is fading and becoming more unseen and unheard of.
    Enjoy your adventures and your friendships now and may you always be blessed with them as you age.

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