Riding Weekend Recap

Today’s post will be short and sweet because that’s pretty much what kind of weekend I had. On Saturday, I took the stirrups off my saddle and did a thirty minute hack of which I’m still sore from. Caesar was very good, despite moments of my unbalance.


Today (Sunday), I decided to give both Caesar and myself a mental break from the arena and went on an easy trail ride. Though we’re still mostly walking out on the trails, he’s gotten significantly more relaxed since the incident at dusk where I assumed he saw/smelled coyotes and panicked (discussed in Helping Your Horse Overcome His Fears). Texas can actually be fairly pretty in the spring, and it was definitely a pleasant day for a trail ride.


I usually hack out alone, so today was another solo trail ride. Some horses really depend on other horses to instill confidence out of the arena, but strangely I have noticed that with Caesar the other horses don’t really help him; he gets the most confidence from the rider, I think. He was a lot less tense and even when he heard big rustles in the bushes and the geese and ducks were obnoxiously quacking, he didn’t spook once. More than just not spooking, I could tell he was genuinely enjoying himself, like he usually does on trail rides.


Because it was 79 degrees, I got to wear one of my beloved Kastel shirts, one of the new ones I mentioned in my  review of Kastel Denmark shirts.IMG_3902

I hacked Caesar in the arena for a little bit when I got back, then hosed him off and put him away. All in all, a pleasant weekend. 🙂


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