Riding Week Recap

I had really meant to put up a beefier post earlier, but alas, the endless amounts of homework I have (combined with working more) got in the way.

I usually ride Caesar five days a week, as long as the weather doesn’t get in the way. On Wednesday it was raining which actually made it convenient for him to get his feet done. Farrier says his feet are continuing to improve, with aluminum wedges on the back, aluminum wedges on the front as well as a plastic-looking type of wedge stacked on top, moving him from about 17hh to 17.1hh.

That’s a big wedge

Yesterday since I knew it was going to rain all day for the rest of the week, I rode him for a while both in the arena and out on the trail. I set my phone in a jump cup and got some video of a line we did. Caesar is still restricted to jumping 2 foot and under for a while – the vet comes again to take x-rays and reevaluate in 5 more weeks. But hey, just because Caesar can only jump 2 foot doesn’t mean he can’t look cute doing it. It’s also given me a chance to work on my eye towards smaller jumps and my eq in general, both of which need some work. I do think my eye has gotten a lot better since doing ground poles forever and now 2 foot and under.

He’s adorable, right? Now to stop turning my toe out…

I also took a still from him approaching the fence because I swear, this horse really likes jumping and he looks so cute cantering up to the jump. Maybe his ears over the actual jump is just his concentration face, because you can sure tell this boy is interested in going to the jump.


It rained a lot today and it’s supposed to on and off rain/thunderstorm all week, so hopefully one of these days it will be dry enough to at least go on a short trail ride.



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