Schooling Show #1

I truly said I wasn’t going to be one of those bloggers that went several weeks without posting anything, but unfortunately school coming to the final weeks has made my life pretty hectic. I have several things I wanted to update on, but I’ll start with the show.

I took Caesar to a schooling show today – I rode him there, actually, because it’s only a twenty minute ride on the trail from my barn. Caesar gets kind of anxious in new places sometimes, and because he’s so good a lot of the time I forgot that he’s actually still pretty green and hasn’t gone on many “field trips.” I was going trainer-less and convinced my dad to assist me, and luckily the show was moving along pretty quickly.

Because he’s still on a jumping limitation and I really just want to get him used to the show environment, I stuck to a couple of flat classes. I brought a lunge line and thought I might have a bit of a bronc when I got there, but he just quietly trotted around and cantered softly on the lunge. Since he was being quiet I went ahead and did the flat that started right away, and though he was definitely looky and probably just wanted to canter around, he settled in more over the flat classes we did. In fact, I even got some really soft, relaxed cantering out of him. I’m definitely planning to do most of the schooling shows this venue puts on with the goal of getting him totally relaxed at shows. I would like to teach him that just walking and standing at in the lineup can be relaxing. 😉 But hey, his canter felt great. (It won’t let me insert a cantering video clip, but it’s on my katiec64 Instagram so here’s a still from a nice trotting moment.)


I tried to get a cute picture with him, but it seems that it’s a secret pact among derpy horses that when the human is derping, the horse looks cute, and when the human is normal the horse is derping. That’s Caesar for you.

Also, I will be needing to buy an actual WordPress plan soon because I am quickly running out of storage, and that will come with a domain. If anyone has any better suggestions for a blog name, please let me know!




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